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1. How to search?

Books Catalogue
indicabooks.com has a large catalogue of Indological books published in India. It is regularly updated and enlarged.

Quick Search
To find quickly the book you are looking for, select the subject, choose the Search option and write in the searcher window title, author or ISBN.

Advanced Search
The `Advanced Search' option allows wider searches. Apart from title, author or ISBN, you will be able to search by subject, publisher, or key word.

Direct search by subject
Clicking on Books, all the different subjects appear. Select the one you want and the list of books included in this subject will appear.

Our Publications
You will be able to see here the list of books published by our company Indica Books, Varanasi.
2. How to register?

To get registered, you only have to fill the Register window and write your user name, password (4-6 letters) and e-mail. You can register even if you are not going to buy anything. This will allow you to have access to the facilities provided to registered clients, such as Bibliographic enquiry, etc. When you will buy for the first time, you will have to fill a Billing form. Afterwards you will have a customer record with your billing data. You will be able to modify these data at any time, except when an order has already been dispatched. The billing data that our customers provide will be kept strictly confidential (see chapter on Security), and will exclusively be used for sending orders or any other service asked by the customer.

Bibliographic inquiry:

If you are not able to find the book you are searching or have some doubt concerning some publication, registered clients can send us their bibliographic enquiries by email bibliography@indicabooks.com which we will try to answer as per the best of our capacity. A Novelties Bulletin will be available in the next future for our visitors (registered or not) who wish to receive it.
3. How to buy?
It is very easy to buy in our bookshop. After choosing a book, you just have to click in the option Add to Shopping Cart.
If you prefer to make a selection previous to the purchase, you can keep the chosen books in the shopping cart clicking on Add to Favourites. This option is on the Description card of every book. You can stock, add or delete books in the cart until the final purchase.

At any stage, by clicking on Shopping Cart (on the top of the page), you will be able to see the books you have selected.
Click on Buy and the Billing form will appear. The Delivery form will allow you to send the book to some other address, as for example in the case of a gift. Fill the forms with your data and select a mode of dispatch.
The Order form will then appear. In case of need, you can modify any data by going back.

Along with the order form a Payment form will appear where you can choose the form of payment most convenient to you. Once this will be completed we will confirm your order through an email sent to your email address, and we will proceed with your order once payment will have been confirmed. Payment with credit card is done through a secure payment gateway (CC Avenue) (link with CC Avenue) that mediates in the payment, so we will not be able to have access to your credit card data. If you choose some other mode of payment, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

For a better identification control of your order, do not forget to note or print the order number, which will be given to you by email.Shopping cart
The customers have a personal shopping cart that will be used for their purchases. To see the contents of the shopping cart you just have to click on the icon situated in the right upper part of the screen.
You can keep books in the shopping cart for a posterior purchase. These will be stocked in favourites for a maximum of 60 days after this, if they are not bought they will be automatically deleted.

The contents of the shopping cart can be modified at any time before buying, adding or tacking out books, or choosing another mode of dispatch. Once modified, the new total amount to pay will appear in the order form.
The total amount to pay is the sum of the purchased books plus the dispatch expenses.

From the shopping cart you can also access to your customer card, where you can modify your data.Payment currency
You can choose the payment currency: Euros, US Dollars or Indian Rupees. Payment in Indian Rupees is only possible for customers residing in India. Modes of Payment
- Credit card
- Bank Transfer
- Bankers Cheque
- VPP : only for delivery in IndiaPAYMENT CONDITIONS

As a general rule, a new order by some customer will not be possible until the previous order payment will have been received.Credit Card
As a general rule, a new order by a customer will not be possible until the previous order payment will have been received. Credit Card
You can pay your order with the following credit cards: VISA, Diners Club Card, American Express, Payment is done through a Secure Payment Gateway (see Chapter on Security). Confirmation of payment will be done on the screen and by email.
To avoid possible frauds that may affect both the customer as our company, the maximum amount paid with credit card will be Euros 250 per order.

4. General sale & Data Confidentiality
Data confidentiality>
The identification, billing and dispatch data that our customers will give will be used by www.indicabooks.com only to identify the customer, manage the orders, and for any other service asked by the customer.
In no case these data will be used for any other purpose, nor will they be given to other people or companies. Customers can have access to their data whenever they will want to, and can modify or erase them.

Payment Security
In credit card payments done through the Secure Payment Gateway, the credit card data are only visible to the company, which guarantees their inviolability. Therefore, www.indicabooks.com has no access to these confidential data. We will only have access to the commercial data that the bank will give us for billing.

How to know if a server is secure?

A server is secure if a closed lock appears in the right-down part of your Microsoft Explorer navigator, or a full key that appears in the left-down portion of your Netscape navigator. You can also see that the URL address that appears in the address bar Window changes slightly: instead of http, it starts with https.
5. About the Company

About us
The web site www.indicabooks.com is owned and administered by Indica Books, Varanasi, India. more..

How to contact us:

email addresses

bibliography@indicabooks.com for bibliographic enquiries
largeorders@indicabooks.com if your order includes more than … books
commercial@indicabooks.com for commercial relations
webmaster@indicabooks.com for technical matters of the web

Intellectual property

All the contents of the website indicabooks.com (including texts, images, designs, software, etc.) is propriety of Indica Books, Varanasi or of its contents providers, and are protected and recognized by national and international laws. Its reproduction, utilization or distribution in any form is prohibited, unless duly authorized by Indica Books, Varanasi.
People interested in establishing links between other webpages and any of the pages of indicabooks.com website are not authorized to do it with pages where the logo or other elements that identify the site as indicabooks.com is not present. This website cannot be included as part of any other website.Copyright 2008 by Indica Books, D. 40/18 Godowlia, Varanasi 221001, India.
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