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    The Life-Force  
  Author : Baba Bhagwan Ram  
We are alive because within us we have the life-force. The life-force is but an energy which is maintained by the incessant process of the breath, inward and outward. By investigating the nature of breath and the life-force, a seeker can understand the deepest mysteries of life and death.
1.     The fire in the belly which maintains the life-force in beings, this always burns. To give oblations to it is equivalent to giving food, affection, respect, and virtue to the life-force. To give oblations to it is equivalent to worshipping the cosmic God.
2.     In the body, the life-force is the animating factor of the living being. Cosmologically, it is known as air.
3.     The life-breath is the one we worship. Our own worship is our worship.
4.     The guru in the form of the life-force can be seen and found in all times, everywhere, very easily, through practice, and many fruits can be gained from him. Guru is not a body, he is the life-force.
5.     Faith in our own life-force seems to be decreasing. If your faith goes and adheres to an invisible God whose voice can’t be heard, this will inevitably have disastrous results.
6.     One who hides and nurtures attachments deep within himself — the life-force is very far away from him, and he remains unacquainted with it.
7.     Remain respectful to the life-force until the very final moment — because the only thing to be destroyed is this perishable body. In this cosmic bowl, the pran will always maintain our memories of our many practices, activities, and so on. When­ever you desire you will enter a beautiful body, and recalling the past incarnations of your life-force, you will be able to do anything.
8.     Having neglected their life-force, overwhelmed by attachments and fear, beings seem aflame in the pyre of worries.
9.     [Giving] respect and honour to the life-force is like worship­ping the knowable God.
10.   The life-force is the lustre of glory itself.
11.   The life-force is one with the infinite. That which has neither beginning nor end, such an infinity is known as the life-force. The life-force is not knowable through external eyes or touch. It is identical to the vibrations within us. Knowledge and experience of this can only be given to us by saints.
12.   The life-force is the one known as the unborn, the infallible, which can always be found, in all times and in all places.
13.   This Mother in the form of the life-force is very easy to know through our actions.
14.   The day this Mother in the form of the life-force leaves us, people will cremate this body like a tuft of straw.
15.   The day this Mother in the form of life-force takes this life-force and merges it into Herself, that day the whole world will turn into darkness. In my eyes this will be the absolute end of all existence, even if it be otherwise in the eyes of another. In my eyes, just as at the end of existence, everything will disappear.
16.   Resting within every being, the eternal consciousness produces vibrations in the form of air. However clean the being may be, if he is not stable, he cannot see himself, or me, in the swing of the life-breath air.
17.   One who gathers and saves the life-breath achieves the state of ecstasy and omniscient consciousness very simply and easily.
18.   Air, without vibration, provides complete stability to this life-breath.
19.   One who does not see earth as earth, one who does not see air as air, one who does not see the lustre as lustre, one who does not see water as water, but who rather sees them all as a refuge for his life-breath, he is the one who sees in the right way, O Sudharma.
20.   The divinity concocted by the human mind is like lightning in the clouds. It is momentary. One who holds the religion of the life-force can never have such thoughts.
21.   He who knows himself, he who knows the life-force within himself, he who can recognize the life-force in others: only he has the right to provide happiness and convenience to the whole world, and only he does so. One who believes so is a place of refuge for all beings.
22.   Real seekers worship the living beings in whom God himself has established the life-force.
23.   Sitting within us is the life-force who cannot be prayed to. You will find it, away from eagerness, aggravation, desire, ambition, or considerations of us and them.
24.   This golden body is not meant to search for anyone else. One who seems to be looking and searching like this is actually looking for someone else and has no idea about himself — he has no clue of it. You should understand the one who bows to his life-force. Every pore of his body resonates with the sound of pranav (the resonance of Om). From his body blossom a pure shadow and a cool aura. Nothing rises in him, nothing sets in him.
25.   Through the discipline of the life-force does the omniscient consciousness arise, and the body is the spring from which arises the life-force. Absorption into the life-force is an achie­vement of great glory.
26.   Action is the source from which the life-force sprouts forth.
27.   Becoming free from the desires of being either awake or asleep, and practicing to stop the life-breath wherever it is: these give rise to a new inventive creation within the body which is both real and directly evident.
28.   In just an instant, the sight of the form [of a thing or person or entity] can make the body tremble. Rishis have said, “Do not look at the form, do not enjoy its charm”. Only the enjoyment-free essence can be helpful in knowing the life-force.
29.   When the life-force departs, the body becomes flaccid and merges back into the five elements. Regard the life-force as an indicator of all perception. Without the life-force, the being is unble to perceive either the world or the creator of the world. Only through the medium of the life-force residing in the body can the world or its creator be known.
30.   When does the life-force go away, when does it return, when does it expand itself: these cannot be asked. When the body is bereft of the life-force, people call it a corpse, an illusion, as clay, as the dead, as worthless straw.
31.   When the life-force becomes separated from you, there are absolutely no vibrations within you, nor can anybody know, hear or see.
32.   God is self-created. He does not reside in the sky, or in the Himalayas, or at the North Pole. He is right amidst us. He is in the form of the life-force.
33.   The valour of the Mother in the form of the life-force is not limited to interesting lines of poetry. The energy hidden within us is the first sign of her valour.
34.   The sacred discipline of a householder is to provide oblations of food-grains into the life-force of living beings.
35.   The life-force is an energy. The beings are living forms of this energy. The actions of this energy can be understood only by beings with this form. In getting a body, the being is trying to keep a minuscule particle of this energy within bounds. The being, actually, is ever liberated. How can he have fetters? When the body is abandoned, the being-particle goes to its centre-point. It merges with the life-force through yoga. This is the kind of union that a yogi desires.
36.   Being in the refuge of the society of Mahabhairavamalini has brought our life close to the life-force. In response to someone’s insult, even if it be from an enemy, it is our fearlessness that brings us to victory. The act that has far-reaching consequences has sweet, delicious fruits.
37.   The scriptures and the oral traditions have divided the body into four categories, and the feet are accorded more importance than the head. You must have seen that we salute the feet of gurus and other respected people. Even then, O Darshi! According to this categorization, the feet are considered to be the Shudras (the lowest caste of people in India), but how important are these Shudras! The day you know and under­stand this, and establish yourself within the feet, that day will you know, in a real sense, the life-force which is found in all beings.
38.   It is the same life-force which is reflected in the same way in the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas, the Vaishyas and the Shudras. But, neglecting the life-force residing in the feet in the form of the Shudras, by admonishing them, by insulting them, we are bent upon destroying ourselves.
39.   One who provides oblations with all his five fingers to the life-force residing within him and within all other beings, without discriminating between them according to their being big or small, in an equal way and at the same time, he is a true Kshatriya.
40.   The life-force itself is the Aghoreshwar, the Aughar, the Sarveshwari, the observer of equality, the one free from hate, from contrast, from category-distinctions.
        41.   All the four kinds of edible substances [solid, liquid, jelly-like and gummy] exist only for the preservation of the life-force. Without them, this Ishwar (God) of ours, this I-swar [I- followed by -swar, the continuous breath process] will end. When the breath stops, creation will disappear from sight. Everyone knows of this mortality.

Extract of the book The Book of Aghor Wisdom by Mahaprabhu Aghoreshwar Baba Bhagwan Ram (Indica Books, 2007, 2012)



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