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Richard Lannoy is an independent British photographer who has worked for numerous international publications. In 1952, commissioned by the UN he reported on Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza. Interested in India since his first visit in 1947, he started to compile an important documentary work on the country, especially about Benares, in 1953, continuing during his numerous visits until 1960. He returned during the 80’s completing the work in 1999. Lannoy is also a painter, writer and editor and has published numerous books, amongst which is “Benares a world within a world” (Indica Books, 2002) which relates and explains the metaphysical structure of the city, organized as a universal microcosm.

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Benares-1953-1999. Richard Lannoy
The result of this exhaustive work is the book “Benares from within” published in 1999 in England by Callisto Books and by Indica Books in India. The brief but significant selection of images we present in our “Photo Gallery” are taken from this publication which contains over 600 photographs, 150 in color. Photos: Copyright 2006-by Richard Lannoy


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