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Baylon was born at Madrid in 1958. He bougth his first camera in 1976, which arose his photographic sense. He has several publications, books, and exhibitions on is account. He photographs common people in a clasical and formal style. The situation of his characters in the background and in the picture reflect a very personal and reflective point of view. Among the countries where he travelled India, which he visited in two ocasions, stands out.
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Richard Lannoy

Benares. Luis Baylón
These photos are included in an itinerant exhibition which started in mid 2005. Impressed by Varanasi, his people and its atsmosphere, the artist has the ability to show us the extraordinary out of a fleeting moment, a portrait, or daily scene. As he says: "They say that whoever goes to India does not return the same man. It is true, India is the travel of all travels, and Banaras is unique in the icomparable India. I can´t say anymore but I can show a few pictures...". All pictures COPYRIGTH 2006 by Luis Baylón.


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